Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I'm currently in-network with Highmark.

Are there any benefits to paying out of pocket versus using insurance?

Yes! By paying out of pocket you are maintaining your own privacy. When insurance is used, they require you to have a diagnosis and can look at your information. Depending on your insurance, they could use a diagnosis as a "pre-existing" condition and therefore refuse coverage for certain things.

I'm interested in receiving services from you, what do the next steps look like?

Once you reach out to me, I will contact you to discuss setting up a free 15 minute intake call. During that call, we will discuss what therapy looks like and what goals you have for therapy. We then would schedule a time for your first session.

How long does each therapy session take? How often do I have to go to therapy?

At the beginning of therapy, I typically see people once every week. I am able to accommodate people in the event that they need therapy more or less than once a week. Each session is between 45-55 minutes

What are you doing to maintain safety during COVID-19

At this time I am only offering therapy through telehealth. I'm hoping to move to a hybrid model where I can see clients through telehealth or in person.