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I feel like my past is constantly impacting every decision and relationship I have. I keep doing the same things that I know will hurt me and I just don't know how to stop!

Do you find yourself constantly engaging in toxic relationships?

Is it too overwhelming to even think about standing up for yourself?

Do you jokingly call yourself a people pleaser?

Are you constantly running away from anything and everything that provides meaning?

It feels awful when you are aware of things that aren't doing you any good but you still keep doing them. 

It this sounds like you, you might have been through some disruptive events that has literally changes the way your brain is wired! Which means your brain has just been "programed" to function in a way thats causing you no damn good.

No, this does not mean you are "doomed." 

No, it isn't too late to change the wiring in your brain!

Healing is possible and you are worthy to live the life you've always wanted.